I didn't receive an activation email!

Please make sure that the activation mail hasn't been placed in your spam folder, failing that you can contact us and we will send you a manual activation email.

Game XYZ isn't working for me?

First, make sure your flash player is upto date and working. Once you know your flash player is working, try some of the other games on our site. If the other games are working fine then it may be an issue with the game itself or your web browser, to make sure it is not your web browser you can try using another browser.

We recommend using the latest version of either Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari. If the problematic game runs fine in another browser then the problem may lie with your regular browser, please contact us with your operating system version and browser version and we will try our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

My account has been hacked!

Don't worry, simply go to the recovery page and use the recover password section. This will send a new password to your email address so that you can reclaim your account. We recommend you change your password and recovery question after reclaiming your account, to help prevent your account from being taken again. It wouldn't hurt to virus / spyware scan your computer too, as it is possible you are infected and that was the reason your account was hijacked.

I found a wierd bug on your site

Please contact us describing the problem so that we can fix it, and upon fixing the problem we will credit your account with some points to say thankyou. Please try to keep your feedback short and straight to the point!